Spot announcing machin - Logged alarm - I/O manager, all in one PC - program.

Hardware: Multi 8255/8253 I/O card. (192 I/O card from Decision Computer International Co., Ltd. )
Usergroups: In public areas like stores , markets , railway stations , airports & other .

PA controller / add on
We make software to combine Industrial I/O cards and a multimedia PC , with little user effort .

The idea is to make the use of low-cost , massproduced industrial I/O cards in conjunction with a multimedia PC easy , yet powerful and flexible. Such programs make the PC become a controlcenter that opens for new, extended use, in a wery easy way.

Announcing Machine , Alarm & Extended I/O Manager ( US-Ver. ) is one program made from this idea .
Some of the specifications: Uses a 192ch. Multi 8255-8253 I/O card and a 16bit ( or better ) SoundBlaster card.  Made as a Windows ( 3,1 3,11 95 �98 ) program . If a raid diskcontroller and doubble harddisks are used, this system will be nearly failsafe. Mediafiles as Announcements, Gongsignals, Alarmsignals and Messages of any kind are all stored as wavefiles on the harddisc.serfriendly extended Mediafile Recorder / Function Composer. User Guide made as Online help.umber of mediafiles has in practice no limit in this program. Start and end dates and controlled autoerase after End Date prevent the harddisc from being filled with old files. Mediafiles are activated by different programfunctions, I/O inputs etc. Input priority in maximum 40 levels as standard. Alarminputs with eventlogg to file, message control etc. Maximum number of groupnames controlling digital output patterns, are 500 as standard. Mediafiles gives indirect separate function control of digital outputs.Microphone gives indirect function control ( Priority, output lines ). Mouse gives direct function control by click or doubbleclick on buttons. User can easily make mediafiles and compose functions related to them.

Control of annoucements, fixed messages, alarm messages with this alarm & extended digital I/O manager and announcing machine.
Combine this system , a modern intercom or PA system and your own fantasy to make new userfriendly functions available .

The composer of soundfiles & functions related

uSyncronized I/O controller outputs > real otputs ( LED's )

The combined alarm / microphone input & I/
O output controller

The Alarm control & reset

The alarmlog

Announcement controller


Hardware setup

The most important Keywords / Functiones of this product :

Version : ( USA - version )
Product : Announcing Machine , Alarm & Extended I/O Manager ( US-Ver. )
OS : Windows 3.1 and up. ( Multimedia ) . Windows95 / 98 works wery well
Capacity : Wery high if you have a big harddisc. In practice there is no capacity limit.
Make announce : Function support record from microphone, Parts of the function of each announce is saved together with the announce, thus giving the user the possibillity of making a very advanced function with little effort.
Play Announce : Multifunction controlled by both the program setup and the announcefile itself.
Erase Announce : Manually or automatic , one announce at a time.
Weekplanner : Welcome, closing in 10 minutes, closed / welcome back , openingtimes etc.
Groupname (500) :Used by any wavfile to direct the gongsignals, announces, or alarmmessages to predefined areas by activating Groupname-related Digital Outputs.
Microphone : Microphone has the first priority levels when paging . Microphone is also used to make announces, fixed messages, Alarm messages etc .
Usersetup : Userfriendly Digital I/O manager. ( 48 channels controlled by user ) .

Digital I/O Card : ( 192 channels ) used by: Mikrophones, Alarminputs, Defined output groups , direct controlled outputs.