The PCI bus 8255 adapter is a 32-bit PCI bus adapter with Plug and Play (PnP) features, it is a programmable I/O interface for PC/486, Pentium or compatible computers. The PnP features let hardware configuration for IRQ and I/O address is detected by BIOS automatically, you don¡¦t need set switch and jumper.

The PCI bus 8255 adapter provides total 6 digital I/O ports, each I/O port contains 8 I/O lines, and can be set either input or output by the user¡¦s program. The signal assignments of PCI bus 8255 adapter is designed as standard configurations, so that it can be used to connect to the 8255 terminator board for several applications.

Features of 8255/8254
*32-bit PCI bus with Plug and Play (PnP) features
*Programmable I/O control functions
*Up to 48 I/O lines.
*Maximum of 10 KHz counter rate.
*Support several operating modes that are programmable.
*Provides DII device driver for PnP features.